As you can probably tell from the title, this gun blog is going to be a little bit different than most other gun blogs you’ve read. From beginner’s guides to guns to expert-level discussion on drills and techniques, we’re going to talk about guns and ammunition and how to effectively use them, and we’re going to have fun while doing so.

But first, some introductions.

Kevin CreightonLet’s start with a little information about me, your editor. I’ve been involved in the gun writing world since 2006. First, I was a blogger on my own website, then as a contributing writer to Shooting Illustrated, NRA Family, American Hunter, and others, and now I’m here at During my career writing about guns, one thing I’ve noticed is that there is a gap between how we gun writers talk about guns and how almost everyone else talks about guns. Gun writers tend to talk about guns and how to use them as a very serious endeavor, something that should be taken very seriously all the time.

They’re not wrong: Defending your life and the lives of those you hold most dear is a very serious thing, and it’s not something to be joked about. However, we who are immersed in the gun world tend to forget that there are many gun owners out there who think of guns as a fun way to pass the time with family and friends, and they’re right. We forget, as we write about guns, that shooting guns is fundamentally a very fun thing to do. 

It’s fun to go out and bust clays. It’s fun to go shoot your friend’s new gun. It’s fun to safely use a .22 to make a tin can dance around in the backyard of a farm. When you immerse yourself in the business of guns, though, that simple joy of shooting tends to get lost amidst all the other cares of the firearms world. 

I realized this myself when I was writing a review of the Kel-Tec PMR-30 pistol. Normally, I’d look at such a gun and ask myself, “What’s the point? It’s a pistol in .22 Magnum (an adequate, if not outstanding defensive caliber) and yes, it holds 30 rounds of ammunition, but other than that, what’s the point?”  

Then I shot the gun, and it turns out that a little .22 Magnum pistol is a lot of fun to shoot. Fun, as in “Put a big grin on your face every time you pull the trigger” fun. With thirty rounds in the magazine, you can punch a lot of holes in the target before you have to reload, and a .22 Magnum bullet makes a nice, happy bark when it exits the gun. Is it an über-cool tactical defensive pistol? No. Is it a great way to spend an afternoon on the range poking holes in paper? Absolutely, and it’s also not a bad choice as a defensive pistol for someone who might not be able to handle the recoil of a larger caliber gun. 

All of sudden, I found out (once again) that guns are fun to shoot. Sure, it’s fun to have put in the time required to pass a high-level shooting drill, and it’s fun to practice and train so you can compete and succeed in USPSA or one of the other shooting sports on a regular basis, but it’s also fun to go out to the range with your friends and (safely) shoot guns and enjoy each other’s company. 

After All, Shooting Guns Is Fun

Make Guns Fun Again

Shooting guns is fun. We forget that sometimes.

And that’s the goal of this blog. We want to bridge the gap between the world of the competition shooter or defensive gun owner who practices their skills every day and takes things very seriously with the world of the average American gun owner who goes to the range every month or so just to have fun. No matter your skill level, we want you to learn the skills you need to become a better shooter and help you learn in an enjoyable way that helps you want to learn more. 

“School of Guns” is more than just a title of blog, it also describes how we’re going organize the information on this blog. Your time is important to us, and so we’re setting up the content so you immediately know if what you’re reading is relevant to your skill level as a gun owner. The articles, videos and other content we post here will be organized into specific categories so that you can find the information you need to become a safer gun owner and a better shot with your firearm of choice. 

Those categories are:

Intro To Guns

Everyone starts out somewhere, and this is where you’re starting. Intro To Guns covers topics that are of interest to someone who just walked out of the gun store with their first gun, or for people who are scouring in the Internet looking for information on buying their first gun. Intro to Guns offers you clear, simple advice on guns and how they fit within your lifestyle.

Guns 101

If you go the range on a regular basis, or have your concealed carry permit, this is where you want to hang out. Whether you’ve been shooting for years and want to be a better shot, or you’ve just joined the ranks of American gun owners and want to explore more ways to have fun with your guns, Guns 101 will show you ways to be a better marksman and enjoy your precious range time even more.

Guns 201

Welcome to the next level of gun ownership. If you compete regularly, or have a concealed carry permit and carry a gun wherever you can, or if you’ve taken a class or two that goes beyond a basic introduction to marksmanship, this is where you want to be. Our goal with the Guns 201 content is to help good marksmen become great marksman and have fun along the way as well. 

School Is In Session

Because there’s so much more to guns that just those topics, we’ll post articles and items of interest on other topics as well. In everything we do, though, we want you, the American gun owner, to feel good about owning guns, and to also feel good about talking with your friends and family about safely owning guns. Owning a gun isn’t just an inalienable right laid out in the Constitution, it’s also fun and enjoyable pastime and a safe and effective way to protect what matters to you most.