Many are learning of the news of the 6-3 decision made by the SCOTUS on Friday morning June, 14th regarding the ban of the purchase of bump stocks. In light of this, we are taking the opportunity to share the official press release and statements issued by the creator of the bump stock, Jeremiah Cottle the morning of the 17th at 9:30am EST.

Official Release Blow:

Cottle Press Release June, 17th 2024

Cottle Official Statement

Jeremiah Cottle

Jeremiah Cottle on his ranch in Tennessee

I myself had the opportunity to meet with Cottle a few months ago and discuss the upcoming decision on whether or not the initial 2017 ban of bump stocks issued by our former President, Donald Trump was legitimate or altogether unconstitutional.

Jeremiah Cottle sitting in his office

Jeremiah Cottle sitting during an interview with Kenneth Miller of

Cottle agreed to a sit down interview to share how he developed the bump stock, as well as the numerous different challenges of starting a business from scratch and making multiple years worth of sales in only a matter of days.

Here’s a preview of our interview:

If you want to learn more about Jeremiah and his story, be sure to check back for updates in the coming days and weeks!

Firing an AR-15 with a bump stock attached

Jeremiah Cottle using a bump stock to shoot an AR-15

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