Shot Group Analyzer Instructions

Upload A Target.

You can select an image from a phone, tablet or your computer. JPG or JPEG files are preferable. If you’re on a computer, you can click the large green button and search for a specific image on your computer, or you can drag the desired image with the mouse onto the bar and it will be added.
*Pro Tip* The maximum size of a target for use with the Shot Group Analyzer is 12 inches across.

Set Your Aiming Point

Set your aiming point
Using either your mouse or your finger, move the yellow aiming square to your aiming point on the target. This will allow the Shot Group Analyzer to measure not only your groups, but how far those groups were away from your initial aiming point.

Set The Scale of Your Target

set the scale of the shot group analyzer
In order to correctly measure the size of your groups, the Shot Group Analyzer needs to know how big your target is. The scale of the target is set with the white circle, which positions the ruler on the target. The two small orange circles can then be clicked and dragged so they cover a known distance, and then that distance is recorded using the grey slider at the bottom of the page.
*Pro Tip* Smaller target images allow you to make more precise measurement of hits, larger target images allow you to set the scale more precisely.

Place Your ShotsPlace your shots

Click or tap to tell the Shot Group Analyzer where each hit is on your target. Use the Undo button at the bottom left if you need to redo a shot. You can use the Menu button on the bottom right if you need to reset your aiming point, change the scale of the target, clear all the shots on the current target or upload a new target image.
*Pro Tip* Confused about “Spread” versus “Group”? Check out this post on the School of Guns blog for more information about what these two terms mean.

Saving Your Work

The best way to save your work, either on a smartphone, tablet or computer is to take a screenshot of your recorded and measured hits on the target.

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