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John Browning invented the .25 automatic colt pistol caliber in the early 1900's for use in semi-automatic pistols. .25 ACP took off when Colt introduced a pistol designed by Browning called the Fabrique 1905 Vest Pocket. He'd follow it up with the 1908 Vest Pocket and Americans looking for a lightweight and compact caliber flocked to the .25 ACP.

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25 ACP ammo has Belgian roots and today is put to good use by both pistol and revolver shooters all over the world.

25 ACP AmmoWith very little recoil, 25 ACP is common in pocket pistols and brings about the same amount of power as the 22 long rifle cartridge. With that in mind, 25 ACP is a centerfire round, which has a reputation of being more reliable than rimfire rounds. So, most firearms experts would urge you to carry 25 ACP if you need to a small cartridge with minimal recoil as a self-defense round. That concealability was one of the reasons 25 ACP became popular in the early parts of the 1900s. The vest pocket pistols produced by Fabrique Nationale and Colt’s Model 1908 Vest Pocket pistol were innovative at the time they were introduced to American shooters.

.25 ACP bullets run from about 35 grain to 50 grain on the heavier side of the spectrum. Within that range, you can expect muzzle velocities between 1,100 feet per second and 760 feet per second. As it is sometimes used in self-defense, you can find .25 ACP ammunition with a jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet as well as the more range (and budget) friendly full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet.

Relatively difficult to find, when we're able to get 25 ACP in-stock, you'll see major manufacturers like Federal, Prvi Partizan, Hornady, and Remington.