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Sig Sauer developed .357 Sig ammo in 1994 in cooperation with Federal Cartridge (ATK). 357 Sig is used by a number of police departments in the United States and is known for respectable accuracy and good stopping power. 357 Sig shooters enjoy muzzle velocities ranging from about 1,250 feet per second to as much as 1,550 feet per second for light loads.


357 Sig Ammo – More Information

357 Sig was designed as a round that could mimic the performance of the more popular magnum round as the first modern bottleneck commercial handgun cartridge since the early 1960’s.

357 Sig AmmunitionSo what is it? To start, take a 40 caliber cartridge and then neck down the case to accept a 9mm bullet and you basically have 357 Sig ammo. 357 Sig brass is slightly longer by .23 than .40 S&W but the two rounds are very, very similar. In fact, many .40 S&W handguns can do a simple barrel swap and fire 357 sig ammunition with no problems. In some cases, you’ll need to swap the recoil spring, but this conversion is incredibly common among recreational shooters.

Today, you’ll find 357 sig bullets ranging from 115 grain up to 150 grain. Corresponding velocities and energies range from 12,50 feet per second to 1550 feet per second when it comes to muzzle velocity and muzzle energy that checks in between 410 foot pounds and 615 foot pounds.

Aside from conversions, you can also fire 357 Sig ammo from a Sig Sauer P229 pistol or the Sig Sauer P226. The P229 is very common among law enforcement agencies in the United States and is used by several Highway Patrol and State Police Departments, including the Delaware State Police, Texas Rangers, Federal Air Marshals as well as the United States Secret Service.

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