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When they get their hands on a shotgun, criminals tend to use cheap birdshot. They think: a 12 gauge shotgun shell is a 12 gauge shotgun shell, right? Wrong!

This case of 250 shells from Federal comes with several features that make it more effective for the law enforcement purposes it was designed for. The 9 pellets in each 2 3/4" shell are copper-plated for better shape and energy retention, which translates into more consistent patterns for taking down threats of the animal or criminal variety. Federal's FLITECONTROL wad keeps the pellets together even after they leave the barrel, gradually releasing them several feet later for improved medium-range effectiveness. The load's reduced recoil comes at a slight cost in muzzle velocity compared with "express" hunting loads, but enables quicker follow-up shots and use by recoil-sensitive shooters. The reduced velocity also aids in preventing overpenetration and collateral damage, an important feature even for shotguns in a self-defense context. Overall, this is an excellent, balanced shell for your home defense shotgun.

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