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About This Sterling 12 Gauge Ammunition

Slugs and bird shot are both great types of projectiles and all – but for our money, nothing makes a shotgun more useful than a good old 00 buckshot load. Those 0.33” diameter spheres turn any boomstick into a powerhouse, capable of instantly felling a deer or managing a home invasion situation fast and effectively.

When you have this whole case of 12 Gauge ammo by Sterling, ample target practice is on the table as well. Each shell is packed with nine pellets of double-aught and loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,296 fps. That’s about 1-1/10 ounces of solid lead exploding out of the muzzle with over 1,800 ft lbs of combined energy. Even at a few dozen yards, that’s going to convey the right kind of terminal ballistics to conclude a hunt decisively.

Sterling loads their shells with hinged wads to keep an appreciable amount of recoil from hitting your shoulder, as well as non-corrosive primers and brass-plated steel heads. This Turkish-made ammo comes packaged 10 shells to a box, 20 boxes to a case – and when you order it from AmmoMan.com, it comes with free shipping and handling as well!
Quantity 200
Manufacturer Sterling
Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU AM3379
Bullet Type 00 BUCK
Muzzle Velocity 1296
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You're reviewing: 12 GAUGE STERLING 2-3/4" 00 BUCK (200 ROUNDS)
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