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For a great, multi-purpose shotshell ammunition from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, choose this 12 Gauge Winchester Double-X 00 Buckshot!

These 5 rounds of shotshell ammo are great for your next big deer or predator hunt (such as coyote, fox, or bobcat). They are also good to have around the house just in case you're caught in a self defense situation. Their copper plated hard 1 1/4 oz. shot will take down your target with one fatal shot. Winchester's custom blended powders will ensure your firearm will fire consistently, and are clean burning to keep your barrel clean. The velocity achieved with these rounds is a consistent, 1450 feet per second.

Winchester is known by everyone in the shooting community as being some of the best money can buy. Their products have been around for many years and never disappoint.

The war-torn sergeant retreated to his dimly lit shop – an oak carved letter desk serving dually as a liquor tap he frequented every evening. There his calloused hands meticulously unloaded and reloaded the last 6 shells that were tucked in his bandolier before his honorable discharge over 10 years ago. It would be the last time he saw Henderson, Denny, Schmick, Goldson, and Rief. While Hank dealt death and dodged it himself around every corner in Korea, Emma was birthing their first in Laurel Fork, Tennessee. Command withheld the news until the Chosin offensive was complete. Emma didn’t survive. The first born in the Dower family was always a boy. It was only appropriate to name him Wyn. Welsch in nature and heritage. It was short for Winchester, his preferred Trench Gun – Model 12.

“Sergeant Dower, it is with deep sadness and mourning we regret to inform you of the passing of your wife, Emma. Emma sustained critical complications during labor. However vain and fruitless our efforts may be in consoling you in your grief, may your daughter provide you with the joy and beauty required to endure.

Effective immediately, we release you from your oath and obligations to the U.S. Marine Corp.

Your service to this nation and contribution to this War has been exemplary.

Thank you.”

Shortly after his release, Command installed a fresh graduate from Westpoint to lead his former squad. The new recruit in command of Hank’s squad failed to effectively maneuver the men around critical enemy defilade positions. Enfilade fire serrated the 6 men.

There was a man in the house, but the father never returned. There was a child in the house that didn't know it. For 10 years, Winnie poignantly studied and observed her fathers hands betray him as arthritis set in. Though creased and calloused, frail and fettered, she yearned her hands to be in his. The 6 Winchester DOUBLE X 3 1/2" 00 buckshot shells dulled over the years. Every night she observed her father’s ritual ceremony - unload and reload 6 12 gauge shells. Surgically he took them apart. Maniacally, he assembled them together. Every shot accounted for. Once the moonshine was dry, and the sunrise bleak, the sacrament was complete.

As the potent potion slowly sedated Hank, Winnie carefully conspired –like she has many times before– to locate the key that would set her father free from the belly that swallowed him many years ago. She scoured his desk, desperately searching for any new clues or tips that would lend hand to the cause. Unbeknownst to him, she was his accomplished apprentice. Following in his footsteps every evening after he went down –unloading and reloading the same Winchester shotgun shells that seemingly possessed him – and sipping a drop of shine if there were any left. Perhaps if she got good, he would ask her to do it for him. Maybe he would invite her up and show her, and she would surprise and impress him. “Maybe tomorrow” she thinks to herself. Unlike every evening that came before, this evening she unloaded and reloaded 5 shells. One was missing. “Maybe I can help him find it tomorrow.”
Quantity 5
Manufacturer Winchester
Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU SB12L00
Bullet Type 00 BUCK
Muzzle Velocity 1450
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