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About This Aguila .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Aguila is Spanish for “eagle.” Don’t use this 22 LR ammo to hunt eagles, though, as killing one of our national birds can land you two years in jail and a quarter million dollar fine. Use it for target shooting, plinking, training, or any other kind of eagle-friendly recreational fun!

This round has a copper plated round nose bullet. That’s the kind of projectile which doesn’t expand after hitting its target, so reserve this ammo for cans, paper, and the smallest, most annoying types of animals. The bullet’s convex nose profile guides it smoothly into any firearm’s chamber, and its thin copper exterior wards off excessive barrel fouling. Forty grains is the average weight for a 22 LR bullet, and its muzzle velocity makes this round potent enough to fully cycle any kind of semi-automatic firearm.

This Mexican-made ammo has the brass cases, primers and propellant charges it needs to deliver consistent feeding, recoil, point of aim and extraction. And remember – if you order pretty much anything else on our site to bump your total up to $100 or more, shipping and handling is gratis!
Quantity 250
Manufacturer Aguila
Ammo Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Manufacturer SKU 1B221100
Bullet Type copper plated round nose
Primer Type rimfire
Muzzle Velocity 1255
Muzzle Energy 140

Customer Reviews of this 22 LR AGUILA 40 GRAIN CPRN (250 ROUNDS)

  • This round nose loading might be awesome....thisc company sure makes a superb HP loading

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    I have yet to fire the Aguila .22LR in round nose but have a LOT of experience with their HP loadings in fact those experiences rival that of CCI ammo. The BS about the copper washing being of benefit to prevent lead fouling is.....BS. Ever really come across a lead fouled .22 rifle? Not me and would you rather remove lead fouling if that is even possible with the .22LR or would you prefer trying to remove copper fouling? I would go lead removal anyday but again I have found that neither lead bullets nor copper clad .22 ammo to ever cause fouling issues. Ammoman always delivers fast and they package very well.
    Review by Pelosi Hater. Posted on
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