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About This Aguila .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Before you leave home, you always check to make sure you have all the essentials:
• Wallet
• Keys
• Phone
• Hard-boiled egg, in case you get hungry
• Two thousand rounds of 22 LR ammunition, in case you feel like plinking

Hold on – do you mean to tell us that you don’t already have 2,000 rounds of high-quality 22 LR target ammo? Oh no! Well, you’d better peel your egg and read on to discover why Aguila belongs in your favorite rimfire gun’s chamber!

This is a high-velocity round, loaded with a 40 grain bullet that exits a rifle barrel 100 fps faster than the speed of sound. That ensures your semi-auto gets enough juice to cycle, as well as the pep which delivers a flat trajectory.

The copper-plated round nose bullet is excellent for shooting inanimate objects. It can’t undergo expansion, but it will feed nice and smoothly in addition to keeping the bore relatively clean. Clean rifling is more effective at stabilizing a bullet – and a stable bullet is an accurate bullet.

Aguila’s Non-Corr priming and low-fouling powder will both keep your firearm clean and rust-free. Their fine brass cases also do their jobs correctly. Four boxes of ammo in this 2,000 round case. Order three cases and you’ll have a box for each month of the year!
Quantity 2000
Manufacturer Aguila
Ammo Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Manufacturer SKU 1B221115
Bullet Type copper plated round nose
Primer Type rimfire
Muzzle Velocity 1255
Muzzle Energy 140
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You're reviewing: 22 LR AGUILA 40 GRAIN CPRN (2000 ROUNDS)
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