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About This Speer 308 / 7.62x51 Ammunition

Speer Law Enforcement Gold Dot Duty Rifle ammunition is made for cops – i.e. people who insist on absolute reliability in the field. But whether you’re a regular Joe looking for premium home defense ammo or a hunter who’s looking forward to putting some good food on the table, this 308 Win cartridge offers everything you want.

This round’s 150 grain soft point bullet is accurate! Speer’s Gold Dot bullet has its jacket bonded to its core one atom at a time, which in turn gives it virtually perfect concentricity. The sleek, balanced projectile boasts a 0.414 ballistic coefficient (when fired from a 24” barrel), so its trajectory remains flat as its velocity hovers around 2,000 fps at 400 yards.

The Gold Dot bullet only becomes more impressive once it meets its target. The bullet’s bonded jacket means that it retains 100% of its weight even if it must pass through heavy clothing or wallboard. Through sheet metal, it still retains 94% of its weight! This preserves the Gold Dot bullet’s ability to penetrate deeply.

The soft point bullet is able to ensure reliable expansion over a wide range of velocities, even if it is fired through a barrel as short as 10”. At close range (2,678 fps impact velocity) the bullet is able to penetrate bare ballistic gelatin to a depth of 17.75”, as well as expand to a width of 0.850”.

This ammunition is loaded with flash-suppressed powder. That will help preserve your night vision whether you’re hunting around dusk or defending your home in the dark. Speer’s nickel-plated cases enhance functionality by reducing friction during feeding and extraction, as well as by improving resistance to corrosion.
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Speer
Ammo Caliber 308 / 7.62x51
Manufacturer SKU 24457
Bullet Type soft point
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2820
Muzzle Energy 2648
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