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About This Vairog 338 Lapua Magnum Ammunition

We’ll always be the only Ammo Man, but anybody can be a Sniper Man so long as they have the premium, match grade 338 Lapua Magnum ammunition for the job. This little blue treasure chest of 50 rounds by Vairog is just what the long-range shooting doctor ordered!

Vairog chose to load this round with none other than the MatchKing by Sierra. It is one of the most heavily standardized HPBT bullets on the market, with a paper-thin copper jacket that is drawn to near flawless concentricity. The MatchKing’s solid lead core adheres perfectly to the internal geometry of the jacket, and was precision poured so that every projectile weighs within 0.3 grains of each other.

The 250 grain MatchKing also owes its impressive 0.6 G1 BC to its sharp hollow point meplat and gently tapering boat tail base. It’s able to virtually ignore crosswinds because of this, as well as retain so much velocity that it doesn’t become subsonic until after it has screamed past 1,350 yards.

Vairog drew and tapered these rounds’ factory fresh brass cases according to their highest standards, and gave each one a hyper-sensitive match grade primer. And best of all, it’s all American: a Missourian bullet loaded in Tennessee!

This ammo comes with free shipping and handling along with anything else you order at the same time!
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Vairog
Ammo Caliber 338 Lapua Magnum
Bullet Type Hollow-Point Boat Tail (HP-BT)
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2650
Muzzle Energy 3898
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