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About This Barnes 350 Legend Ammunition

Barnes’ VOR-TX line of ammunition proves that solid copper bullets aren’t just useful for compliance with laws which ban traditional bullets that contain lead. This 350 Legend hunting cartridge’s monolithic Triple Shock X projectile will make you a believer in the power of copper!

The TSX’s terminal ballistics will stop any whitetail dead in its tracks. It doesn’t have a core and jacket that could split apart during high-velocity penetration, and it is ductile enough to retain virtually 100% of its weight. Those attributes equip the TSX to hold on to the momentum it needs to tunnel a path all the way to a deer’s vital organs. The TSX consistently doubles its diameter by erecting four razor-like cutting petals. In addition to transferring crippling energy to surrounding soft tissues, they gouge out a wide wound channel.

The TSX backs up its deadly terminal performance with great accuracy. Its pressure-relieving grooves and inability to deposit lead fouling both help to keep a barrel’s rifling more effective at imparting rotational stability to bullets that pass through it. Its flat base and precision heel radius promote consistent propulsion inside the barrel. Its uniform weight distribution assures great rotational stability, and its sleek profile serves to keep the TSX’s trajectory flatter and velocity faster as it streaks toward its target.

Barnes pairs their high-quality lead-free bullets with premium brass, primers and powder that will help any rifle perform at its very best. Order today and get it surprisingly soon – we ship faster than anyone else in the biz!
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Barnes
Ammo Caliber 350 Legend
Manufacturer SKU 32086
Bullet Type TSX
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2125
Muzzle Energy 1704
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