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About This Speer .40 Smith & Wesson Ammunition

Even if Speer’s Lawman line of ammunition only boasted its ability to so reliably emulate the recoil, point of aim, and accuracy of their specialized self-defense loads, it would be a perfect investment in your training regimen. But the fact that this ammo is also a heck of a lot healthier to fire indoors makes it an absolute marvel!

This 40 S&W cartridge features a 165 grain total metal jacket bullet. You see, the “full” in full metal jacket is actually a bit of a misnomer. The classic design actually leaves the base of the bullet exposed to hot propellant gasses, enabling them to aerosolize the lead in its core. A TMJ’s copper jacket actually extends around the base of the bullet to prevent that unfortunate circumstance. Fire this ammo in a poorly ventilated indoor range and you won’t effectively create a toxic misama to pickle your lungs in!

This round’s bullet benefits training in additional ways. Because its base doesn’t deform during ignition, it is able to hold onto a more predictable trajectory. Furthermore, its flat nose profile cuts a tidier hole through paper than a round nose could have, making it easier to read your shot placements on your target.

Speer utilizes top shelf brass for their Lawman loads, ones that let a semi-auto rapidly feed and extract without jamming and go on to serve splendidly at a reloading press. These rounds’ non-corrosive primers by CCI and clean burning propellant won’t leave your firearm a gunky mess, too!
Quantity 1000
Manufacturer Speer
Ammo Caliber .40 Smith & Wesson
Manufacturer SKU 53981
Bullet Type TMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1050
Muzzle Energy 404
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