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About This Winchester .40 Smith & Wesson Ammunition

This 40 S&W cartridge is the one you want on your side when you have to defend yourself. Mugger getting a little too close for comfort with a broken vodka bottle? Burglar decided to inspect your kid’s room while your kid is also in there? Grinch shimmying up your chimney with your roast beast? A jacketed hollow point can make those situations far, far better for you.

Winchester gave this cartridge a 180 grain expanding projectile. The bullet’s hard copper jacket assists with reliable feeding and helps it penetrate all manners of barrier as well as its target. As the bullet spirals into soft tissue, the recess in its tip will cause it to spread out and transfer its energy sideways instead of exclusively forward. Sink a powerful 40 S&W JHP into a threat and you’ll likely find your new circumstances much more agreeable.

Winchester’s American-made ammo features brand new and precisely tailored brass casings, so you can expect smooth cycling when a jam would be most unfortunate. These cartridges’ Boxer primers make them not only reloadable, but also non-corrosive to prevent catastrophic rusting. These rounds’ clean burning propellant charges deliver a consistent muzzle velocity with every shot!
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Winchester
Ammo Caliber .40 Smith & Wesson
Manufacturer SKU USA40JHP
Bullet Type JHP
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1010
Muzzle Energy 408
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You're reviewing: 40 S&W WINCHESTER USA 180 GRAIN JHP (50 ROUNDS)
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