410 BORE NOBELSPORT 2-1/2" 1/2 OZ. #7.5 SHOT (250 ROUNDS)

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About This NobelSport 410 Bore Ammunition

Hunting upland game doesn’t require massive artillery. All you need is a 410 Bore shotgun (or an S&W Governor, or a Taurus Judge) and a case of NobelSport’s fine Italian-made ammunition!

This is an especially powerful shell, all things considered. Although it is “only” 2-1/2” long, it holds a full 175-pellet payload of #7.5 lead shot – as well as enough powder to attain a max dram equivalent. The shell will throw its 1/2 ounce payload at a velocity of 1,240 fps (out of a shotgun, not a revolver), so you can rest assured you’ve got enough firepower to bag a small bird. Sure, a 410 Bore shell doesn’t put as much shot on its target as a 12 or a 20, but we reckon a skilled hunter like yourself will manage just fine.

NobelSport does everything in their power to tighten this round’s pattern up. They load it with extra hard lead shot, which can accelerate to over 100 fps faster than the speed of sound without becoming flat and un-aerodynamic, as well as high-quality plastic wads that release the shot evenly.
Quantity 250
Manufacturer NobelSport
Ammo Caliber 410 Bore
Manufacturer SKU ANS41275
Bullet Type #7.5 shot
Muzzle Velocity 1240
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