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About This Ammo Incorporated 44 Special Ammunition

WE HAVE A SOLUTION TO FIX AMERICA. Hear us out: what if everyone in the country ordered a box of 44 Special ammunition by Ammo Inc.? They would appreciate its consistent accuracy, abnormally clean performance, and reliable functionality in all makes and models of revolvers and lever-action rifles. Afterward, they would be in such a great mood that everything else would just sort of fall into place!

This ammo doesn’t just reduce barrel fouling thanks to its Hyperclean Technology propellant, which burns up completely to minimize carbon residue. It is also loaded with 220 grain total metal jacket projectiles. Whereas the FMJ’s jacket leaves its lead core exposed to white hot exploding propellant, the TMJ’s jacket shields its lead core against heat. The result is ammo that doesn’t emit lead gas during ignition, which makes these target loads ideal for shooting at insufficiently ventilated indoor ranges – and anywhere else your travels take you.

Ammo Inc.’s Wisconsin-made ammunition treats shooters right thanks to its surefire noncorrosive Boxer primers, as well as its factory fresh brass cases which are reloadable. Order two boxes and fix America twice as fast!
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Ammo Incorporated
Ammo Caliber 44 Special
Manufacturer SKU 44S220TMC-A50
Bullet Type TMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 946
Muzzle Energy 437
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You're reviewing: 44 SPECIAL AMMO INC. 220 GRAIN TMJ (50 ROUNDS)
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