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About This Speer .45 Automatic Ammunition

Speer’s Lawman ammo is the perfect companion to the shooter who frequents indoor ranges. This 45 ACP round’s 200 grain bullet is a TMJ, or total metal jacket. Compare a TMJ to an FMJ and you would see that the FMJ’s jacket doesn’t actually cover the base of the bullet. An FMJ’s lead core thus evaporates during ignition, thickening the air around you with toxic lead. Not ideal for your health, you’ll agree. The TMJ’s jacket, on the other hand, covers 100 percent of the lead core to drastically reduce toxic emissions resulting ignition!

This round further features the Clean-Fire primer, which contains no nasty heavy metals that could poison your indoor range’s air. Its reloadable brass casing is worth keeping after it bounces off the floor, and its propellant burns clean while maintaining a constant chamber pressure. All in all a perfect choice for safer, healthier range training, and a real steal when you factor in AmmoMan.com’s free shipping and handling!

A quick caution – if this bullet passes through a ported barrel or compensator, a thin shard of its jacket may detach and fly out of a port. As much fun as that sounds, you definitely don’t want sharp bits of copper to hit you in the face while you’re shooting, so please don’t fire this ammo through such a firearm.
Quantity 1000
Manufacturer Speer
Ammo Caliber .45 Automatic
Manufacturer SKU 53655
Bullet Type TMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 975
Muzzle Energy 422
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