5.56X45 IMI 77 GRAIN OTM (500 ROUNDS)

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About This Israeli Military Industries 5.56x45mm Ammunition

This isn’t the kind of 5.56x45 ammunition you use for shooting cans off a sawhorse at ten paces. It is match grade ammo, made by IMI Systems of Israel for use by snipers.

If you already know about 5.56 MK262, then this round’s open tip match projectile should ring a bell (literally, if you shoot a bell with it). The OTM’s lead core was inserted through its tip’s narrow opening, after which it in place until it exhibited virtually perfect rotational stability. (The OTM’s nose cavity will not trigger terminal expansion. Its terminal ballistics are more akin to those of a standard FMJ.) The OTM also features a concentric jacket to further enhance its stability, as well as an extremely low-drag jacket profile.

A 77 grain bullet is very heavy for the 5.56. This cartridge’s low 2,740 fps muzzle velocity reflects that fact. But because the bullet is so massive, it also retains superior momentum. That’s an advantage if you’re covering long distances at a range with ample crosswinds. A barrel twist of 1:6 to 1:8” is ideal for 77 grains.

This ammo is loaded with brand new reloadable brass cases. The only reason for their cosmetic discoloration is the normal heat-treatment process all cases undergo for added robustness. IMI just didn’t polish the cases, which wouldn’t have improved their performance anyway.
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Israeli Military Industries
Ammo Caliber 5.56x45mm
Manufacturer SKU IMIRZCC
Bullet Type Open Tip Match
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2740
Muzzle Energy 1283
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