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About This Corbon 6.8 SPC Ammunition

Whether you use a 6.8 SPC chambered rifle as a duty patrol gun, a self defense tool, or a hunting implement, these polymer tipped rounds from Corbon will deliver deep penetration and great terminal ballistics to meet any goal. The lead-free construction makes them safe for indoor shooting as well as to the outdoor environment.

Corbon Ammunition is based in South Dakota and is owned by the Pi family who are a well-rounded bunch of shooters. For 33 years they have used their studies and collective experience to lead Corbon in developing ammunition that has been praised in law enforcement and sport shooting circles for excellent quality control and devastating effect on target. Their Deep Penetrating eXpanding (DPX) line of ammunition is often chosen for personal defense and hunting.

These 110 grain rounds stand at a medium weight for this caliber and provide mild recoil for faster follow-up shots as well as great momentum which is ideal for medium game. T-DPX bullets are fully composed from copper and have a polymer tip for expansion. The lead-free construction allows T-DPX bullets to penetrate barriers without fragmenting because there is no heavier/denser metal behind the copper that will overcome and deform it when facing impact. As a result, these rounds will remain relatively intact while passing through denim or auto-glass but will still expand very wide after making contact with a soft target. These cartridges are assembled with reloadable brass casings fitted with Boxer primers.

Out of a 16 inch barrel, these rounds will leave the muzzle at 2,400 feet per second with 1,407 foot-pounds of threat-stopping or deer dropping energy.
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Corbon
Ammo Caliber 6.8 SPC
Manufacturer SKU DPX68110/20
Bullet Type DPX
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2400
Muzzle Energy 1407
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