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About This GECO 9mm Luger Ammunition

We are not just the Ammo Man. We’re also the Respiratory Health Man, which is why we would prefer to limit the amount of toxic lead vapor our customers are exposed to. It’s also why we offer GECO’s 9mm TMJ ammo whenever we’re able to get our compassionate hands on some!

The TMJ bullet offers all the same advantages as the traditional FMJ – plus something extra. Because the bullet is totally shielded by copper, it prohibits hot propellant gasses from accessing and vaporizing the lead in its core. If you’re training in an indoor range with stagnant air, that will significantly reduce your exposure to unhealthy gasses. And because the TMJ’s sleek profile remains undeformed throughout ignition, it also offers great accuracy! (Just avoid firing TMJ bullets through a ported barrel or compensator, as that may produce dangerous splashback.)

GECO’s American-made ammo is steel-free, and it doesn’t produce any chemicals that could corrode your firearm’s action or barrel. These rounds’ sparkling brass cases are strong and dependable at the reloading bench, and their primers spark to life the instant they’re struck by a firing pin. A fine solution for target shooting with any 9mm firearm, indoors or out!
Quantity 1000
Manufacturer GECO
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU 270840050
Bullet Type TMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1181
Muzzle Energy 356

Customer Reviews of this 9MM GECO 115 GRAIN TMJ (1000 ROUNDS)

  • Dont recommend

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    Dont know what the issue is with these rounds but even at 7 yards the grouping is pathetic. Was at the range yesterday and with other rounds I had with me, the grouping was within 1" and 1" and a half T 10 yards. With these, at 7 yards the rounds would hit about 4" to 7" below bullseye and would also shift far left or far right. In other words I bought 900 rounds of expensive firecrackers...maybe its just me but I seriously doubt it.
    Review by Alex. Posted on
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