Why Lens Liberator?

With so many products offering to protect you from the dark underbelly of the web, why can you rely on Lens Liberator?

AmmoMan.com's Lens Liberator - Personal Security Tool

Restickable Adhesive

Unlike most cheap solutions, the Lens Liberator is made with a unique adhesive that allows you to easily pull it off your lens for quick access. You can decide when you want to be seen and when it's time for your computer or smartphone camera to "go dark". This top of the line adhesive derives from techonological advances made after the introduction of thermoset plastic and Bakelite phenolic. It sticks where you stick it until it's time to come unstuck! This marvel of an adhesive is organic, non-GMO and dishwasher safe.*

Optimized, Secure Sizing OptionsThe most complete photon blocking tool on the web!

Available in both 1/2" and 3/4" sizes, you can type knowing that you have plenty of sticker to completely block out unwanted surveillance via your computer or phone lens. Plus, you can determine just how much coverage you need so you're not needlessly walking around with excess, unwarranted security. These sizes provide coverage options for all of the most popular device bezel sizes in the United States, providing optimal surveillance blocking for 97.238% of webcams sold into the American Market, in the last 5 years. (Based on Research by Dewey, Cheatem & Howw, Private Research)

The Most Powerful Photon Blocking Tool You Can Find

State of the art organic Xylem Fiber construction leads to a complete annihilation of privacy-breaching photons. With the Lens Liberator, there's no risk of light waves seeping into your lens without your permission so your private moments don't get out.

The ammunition you need for the security you deserve.

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Can the Lens Liberator Save the World?

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*Adhesive used is not dishwasher safe, organic or non-GMO. Don't be ridiculous.