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These Sealed Russian Surplus Spam Cans are an incredible value for anyone shooting 7.62x54r ammo!

These 440 round cans were sealed against air and moisture during the manufacturing process. The Russian military has relied on this style of factory sealed ammo can for decades as a barrier against the harsh environments their soldiers must face. Each cartridge features copper-washed steel casings and is sealed at both ends (case mouth and primer pocket) to further prevent moisture damage.

These rounds are considered magnetic and corrosive.

Spam can openers NOT included.

Quantity 440
Manufacturer Military Surplus
Ammo Caliber 7.62 x 54R
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type Berdan

Customer Reviews


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    How quickly did your order arrive?
    Review by cary. Posted on 9/13/14

    BEST price around FREE SHIPPING will be buying from AMMOMAN.COM from now on. Cant find it cheaper. I TELL EVERYONE THIS IS THE PLACE TO BUY AMMO FROM! Does not have silver paint ammunition indicator on can but does have the lightball silver tip Russian letters and icon on can. I have not opened can yet. and yes no opener so keep your old ones.
    Review by carl shooter of mosin. Posted on 5/30/14
  • Just Great

    Now that I have spoken with one of the customer service team. I have found out that there has not been a ban on any 7.62x54R Ammo By Russia. So I won't have to sell my highly Moded 91/30 anytime soon shipping Was So Quick.. I am definitely going to the range Saturday I also got a free spam can opener with this flawless Can of 440 Rounds. Thanks Again
    5 Stars All Around From Me
    Review by Wayne. Posted on 5/29/14
  • Looking Good

    2 cans. Look good. Haven't fired yet.
    1980 manufacture. Factory 188. Excluding weekend, it only took 3 business days to arrive.
    Review by Sam. Posted on 5/28/14
  • Good Buy

    Picked up 2 spam cans when they went on sale recently; came with a can opener. With shipping included there isn't a better deal on the web that's even close to what Ammoman is offering. Quality ammo at a great price - what's not to like? Thanks!
    Review by Treadwell. Posted on 5/24/14
  • Excellent

    At this price per round you get:

    148 gr jacketed Spitzer .311 diameter boat tail bullet
    49.8 gr of unknown powder
    Copper washed berdan primed case steel case

    The bullet is lead core with a steel / copper jacket.

    Comparable prices elsewhere are 0.37 cents per a sierra bullet alone. This is a great value and find for shooting or components a like.
    Review by P. Fomin. Posted on 5/21/14
  • 100% quality ammo for your Mosin

    Exactly as advertised, 20 out of 20 rounds all worked as expected.

    Lower price in my area, however, add gas for a 45 mile round trip and sales taxes, easier to buy from AMMOMAN.
    Review by James. Posted on 5/20/14
  • Good Deal

    Fast shipping. Great condition- 1981. Also include a can opener. For the price, including shipping, is the best deal out there.
    Review by Mutt. Posted on 5/19/14
  • Great deal!

    Best deal I've had anywhere online on this ammo.
    Review by Utahguns. Posted on 5/12/14
  • Awesome...

    GREAT STUFF... Fires every time with a LOUD bang and a significant kick (metal butt plate)! Can be bought cheaper elsewhere but shipping charges jack the price up, in comparison AMMOMAN is still your best bet. Cans look as new, free of any rust, peeling etc. Having a opener is a MUST, unless you want the neighbors to hear expletive sounds!
    Review by Paul. Posted on 5/7/14
  • good deal

    I ordered a can on Tuesday and received via Fedex on Friday. Very easy and painless process. Ad states it does not come with a can opener but when I opened box and uncovered packaging there was a can opener on top of can. Can is in pristine condition, looks like it was painted yesterday and has a date code of 1975. Outstanding for something 39 years old. Silver tip ammo appears in great shape no rust, dents etc. price is higher than other sites but shipping is included in price, which made it cheaper overall. Only reason I did not give 5 stars is because I have not shot any yet. Will buy from again.
    Review by Steve. Posted on 3/1/14
  • With shipping

    I have been buying this stuff since AMMOMAN's fair as HAIL asking price for one can got you two cans with an opener. I highly endorse this AMMOMAN PURCHASE price and their service quality. You can shop all over for 880 subterfuge that is out there. I DID!!!By the time you pay for their shipping & handling charges you pay more per can than this DO DO simple transaction which is UP FRONT & HONEST. I will be back . Thank you very much !!
    Review by Marvin. Posted on 2/28/14

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How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?
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