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Your SKS or AK-pattern rifle will appreciate thise case of 1,000 Wolf Polyformance rounds (50 boxes of 20 rounds each), which use non-corrosive Berdan primers and polymer coated steel cases. The polymer coatings ensure reliable feeding and ejection, while the steel cases, though non-reloadable, keep the cost of shooting down so you can stay on the range for longer. A standard 123 grain bimetal jacketed bullet provides typical 7.62x39 ballistics.

Since the 1920s, Soviet and later Russian ammo manufacturers have made steel-cased ammo to take advantage of their homeland's abundant iron ore deposits. AK and SKS pattern rifles, developed in the 1950s, were engineered to use this ammunition reliably. With the advent of polymer coatings replacing the old lacquering, steel-cased ammo is gaining increasing popularity around the world thanks to its significant up front price advantage.

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