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Your SKS or AK-pattern rifle will appreciate thise case of 1,000 Wolf Polyformance rounds (50 boxes of 20 rounds each), which use non-corrosive Berdan primers and polymer coated steel cases. The polymer coatings ensure reliable feeding and ejection, while the steel cases, though non-reloadable, keep the cost of shooting down so you can stay on the range for longer. A standard 123 grain bimetal jacketed bullet provides typical 7.62x39 ballistics.

Since the 1920s, Soviet and later Russian ammo manufacturers have made steel-cased ammo to take advantage of their homeland's abundant iron ore deposits. AK and SKS pattern rifles, developed in the 1950s, were engineered to use this ammunition reliably. With the advent of polymer coatings replacing the old lacquering, steel-cased ammo is gaining increasing popularity around the world thanks to its significant up front price advantage.

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Quantity 1000
Manufacturer Wolf
Ammo Caliber 7.62 x 39
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type Berdan

Customer Reviews

  • I like the Item for my RPK, Works great and no miss-firers so far. Great value !!! :)

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    Great fun to Shoot. I'm able to keep 600rnds in my 50. cal Ammo cans. No miss-fires and is good for plunking. See Ya at the range.
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  • GREAT STUFF for Zombie Hunting (or just having a good time at the range)

    This review is submitted after my 3rd order from AMMOMAN. After firing approx 1500 rnds, I have not experienced any hiccups or FTF. May not be the most accurate, however as most know many factors play a major part in accuracy. My groupings are tight with a decent quality Red Dot. The price per round is comparatively cheap compared to Gun Show vendors. FREE FAST shipping is a plus, orders consistently received within a 4 day period (including weekends). Given the fact that I reload my personal Ammo, it would be a HUGE plus if casings were reloadable (life is not perfect all the times).
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  • works good

    ordered on tuesday received on thursday
    went bang every time i tried it
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  • Corection to my earlier review

    I ordered on THURSDAY and received SATURDAY. Even better than I has stated in the first review. AmmoMan is excellent. Just ordered more.
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  • Delivered FAST!

    Ordered on Monday, received Saturday! Great price and service that is second to none! AND that is Free Shipping! Amazing.
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  • Works every time it's tried.

    Got delivery (and fast too!). Took ammo and N-PAP to range. Loaded mags. Inserted mags into mag well. Pressed trigger (many times). BANG (X1000). Bullets came out and hit target/paper. This ammo works. I'm happy. The end.
    Review by . Posted on

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