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About This Federal .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Want the perfect ammunition with which to train, ruin bottles, and hunt the animals who aren’t welcome to your bird feeder? Then Federal make this 22 LR round just for you!

This round’s 36 grain projectile rockets out at 1,260 fps -- far faster than the speed of sound, which makes for a trajectory as flat as a fritter. The bullet’s thin plating of copper will lessen its impact on your rifle’s or pistol’s bore, keeping its riflings better able to do their job. When the hollow point bullet connects with a soft target, like a squirrel that has stuffed its cheek pouches full of your valuable black oil sunflower seeds, it will immediately begin expanding to register a wound channel that sends a varmint packing.

Federal made this affordable round exclusively with their own components. A Minnesotan-made brass shell casing, rimfire primer, and smokeless propellant charge will serve you well however you shoot!
Quantity 525
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Manufacturer SKU 745
Bullet Type copper plated hollow point
Primer Type rimfire
Muzzle Velocity 1260
Muzzle Energy 127

Customer Reviews of this 22 LR FEDERAL CHAMPION 36 GRAIN CPHP (525 ROUNDS)

  • excellent round

    Shot these for the first time about 2 days ago with my 10/22, no jams and good travel. Absolutely no complaints here.
    Review by bill e. Posted on
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