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About This Federal .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

At AmmoMan.com, we strive to be as forthright as possible when we represent the products that we offer for sale. We don’t believe we’re remotely exaggerating, however, when we claim that 5,250 rounds is a LOT of ammunition. To put that staggering number into perspective, let’s say your aim is perfect and you manage to shoot 5,250 gray squirrels using only this box of fine 22 LR cartridges. If they each weighed an average of 1.1 pounds, that would be 5775 pounds total of squirrel -- approximately the weight of one mature giraffe. And since a gray squirrel’s average litter size is six pups, that means you would prevent about 15,750 new squirrels from being born.

If you do the math, something frightening reveals itself: Were those 15,750 hypothetical squirrels allowed to also breed, and then again and so on, then before long the entire world would be blanketed several feet deep in a writhing mass of crazed, ravenous squirrels. It would spell the end of mankind, let alone the sunflower seed industry. That means this big box of 22s represents not only economical shooting pleasure, but possibly the prevention of doomsday itself. See? We never exaggerate!

This 22 LR round from Federal's Champion line of ammunition features a 36 grain projectile. The bullet’s copper plating will spare your bore from rapid lead fouling, preserving your accuracy, and its hollow point causes it to expand dramatically within soft targets, suiting it perfectly for varmint control. Plinking and target practice are worthy applications for it as well, and with so many to go through you’ll be able to get creative with how you use it. It’s fit for long storage thanks to its corrosion resistant brass casing and non-corrosive rimfire primer, and all around well-made thanks to Federal’s commitment to excellence. Federal is based in Minnesota, where they are especially unfond of squirrels because the pests are known to break into summer cabins and steal tater tot hotdishes.
Quantity 5250
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Manufacturer SKU 745
Bullet Type copper plated hollow point
Primer Type rimfire
Muzzle Velocity 1260
Muzzle Energy 127

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    Recently bought a box and slayed a pack of 1488 grey squirrels. Saving my family farm
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