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About This Federal .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

Is the 22 LR the best choice for personal protection? Let’s just say the Pentagon hasn’t got any top secret rimfire rifle projects in the works. But if you’re committed to putting that little cartridge to work when your personal safety is at stake, then you can’t do better than Federal Punch.

This cartridge’s 29 grain nickel-plated flat point bullet doesn’t even bother trying to subdue a threat via terminal expansion. Instead it puts all its chips on deep penetration, which gives it the greatest possible chance of lancing a vital organ as it avoids anchoring itself at too shallow a depth.

The lightweight bullet is loaded to deliver an astoundingly fast muzzle velocity – 1,070 fps out of a subcompact pistol’s 2” barrel, or 1,650 fps out of a 24” rifle barrel. Although it doesn’t strike its target with comparatively much energy, the flat nose bullet is well-equipped to bore through dense muscle and soft organ tissue alike.

This rigorously tested 22 LR cartridge features a nickel-plated case. It reduces friction during feeding and extraction to promote clockwork functionality in any semi-automatic, and also avoids becoming corroded. This ammo is suitable for any firearm chambered for 22 LR and will sycle semi-autos!
Quantity 5000
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .22 Long Rifle
Manufacturer SKU PD22L1
Bullet Type Flat-Point Solids
Primer Type rimfire
Muzzle Velocity 1080
Muzzle Energy 75
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