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About This PMC 223 Remington Ammunition

Are you looking for inaccurate, imprecise 223 Rem ammunition? Then you’d better keep looking. This right here is PMC X-TAC Match – specially designed for sharpshooters, but sure to improve any marksman’s game no matter how much experience he’s working with.

This cartridge is loaded with one of the heaviest bullets the 223 can seat: a big, beefy 77 grains. That does indeed lower its muzzle velocity (2,790 fps out of a 24” barrel). But it pays off big if you’re firing outdoors, because the heavy bullet’s massive momentum gives it appreciably greater resistance to wind deflection.

Its weight isn’t what makes this round’s bullet special, though. As a Sierra MatchKing open tip match, it boasts the uniformly balanced lead core and hyper-concentric jacket it needs to exhibit exquisite rotational stability hundreds and hundreds of yards downrange. And thanks to the MatchKing’s sleek, ballistically efficient profile, you can count on it to avoid transonic destabilization until it’s flown just beyond 900 yards.

This ammo’s bullets are made in Missouri. Everything else is made out of premium raw materials in South Korea: durable and concentric reloadable brass cases, match noncorrosive Boxer primers, and propellant that burns up clean to deliver truly predictable recoil and point of aim. Free shipping on your whole order when it includes this case of ammo!
Quantity 200
Manufacturer PMC
Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
Manufacturer SKU 223XM
Bullet Type Open Tip Match
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2790
Muzzle Energy 1296
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