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About This Winchester 223 Remington Ammunition

You there! Yes, you: the abnormally handsome gentleman or beautiful lady who’s reading this product description! You know, people often come to this website wondering whether we have any 1,000-round cases of 223 Rem ammunition by Winchester in stock. But you? You found them all on your own!

Why are people searching far and wide for Winchester’s white box 223 Rem ammunition? Why, because it’s so versatile, of course! We wouldn’t pick this ammo for deer hunting, but it accomplishes virtually any other task without fail. Target practice? You bet. Plinking? You know it. Stockpiling in preparation for the kind of cataclysm which would only be navigable with the aid of an AR-pattern rifle? Yes!

This cartridge does it all with the power of a 55 grain full metal jacket. It’s flat-shooting, well-balanced, ballistically efficient and unable to attract a magnet (so you can fire it at all commercial ranges). That FMJ also happens to be backed by a new brass case – just the kind of thing any handloader would go gaga over. And once you factor in Winchester’s reliable and noncorrosive Boxer primers, you’ve got the makings of a real winner – just like you! Order today and the shipping won’t cost you a thing. That’s the kind of value you can only get from your pal the Ammo Man!
Quantity 1000
Manufacturer Winchester
Ammo Caliber 223 Remington
Manufacturer SKU W223100
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 3240
Muzzle Energy 1282
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You're reviewing: 223 REM WINCHESTER 55 GRAIN FMJ (1000 ROUNDS)
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