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About This Hornady .25 ACP Ammunition

A small concealed weapon is great for when you’d like to make certain you’re never printing wherever you go. Favoring a smaller handgun shouldn’t mean you have to part with real takedown power, though -- not when you chamber this 25 ACP cartridge from Hornady’s Critical Defense line of ammunition, at least.

A Critical Defense cartridge has got a nickel plated brass casing, so you’ll enjoy smooth feeding and ejection from your semi-automatic, certainty from corrosion resistance, and the ability to quickly check your pistol’s chamber in the dark. This round’s propellant produces a low recoil so you can fire speedy follow-up shots, and is low flash so your vision won’t take a hit after firing in the dark. Hornady’s own sensitive primer ensures this all of comes together for a reliable self-defense solution.

This round features Hornady’s own 35 grain FTX projectile. The FTX maintains its effectiveness after passing through fabric thanks to its columnar Flex Tip, which prevents the hollow cavity from becoming obstructed. The FTX expands widely during penetration, and it’s able to penetrate deeply thanks to its InterLock ring which promotes superior weight retention. The FTX’s secant ogive profile is remarkably ballistically efficient as well, so you’ll have the accuracy you need to neutralize a fast-moving threat.

With a whole case of these rounds, you’ll have just what you need to familiarize yourself with their performance before you have to rely on it. And don’t forget: This is AmmoMan.com, where we ship orders over $100 for free!
Quantity 250
Manufacturer Hornady
Ammo Caliber .25 ACP
Manufacturer SKU 90014
Bullet Type flex tip technology
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 900
Muzzle Energy 63
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