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About This Hornady 30-30 Winchester Ammunition

Are you looking for 30-30 hunting ammo that’s specialized for suppressor use? Even if you haven’t got a can for your rifle, you’re going to love this Hornady Subsonic load’s quiet report and dull muzzle flash – not to mention its lethal terminal effect.

This cartridge is able to offer low-key yet deadly performance thanks to its 175 grain Sub-X. The Sub-X is a polymer tipped bullet, with Hornady’s Flex Tip positioned over its large hollow point nose cavity. On impact the Flex Tip slams down in there, forcing the grooved jacket to split open in a display of rapid, uniform terminal expansion.

The Sub-X reliably expands even if it hits its target while it’s moving as slowly as 900 fps. If your rifle has a 24” barrel, that means you can anticipate terminal expansion within ranges up to 241 yards. If your quarry is much closer than that, then the Sub-X’s InterLock ring and inset cannelure will make certain the bullet remains intact as it penetrates very deeply into its target.

This round’s Sub-X has a flat nose profile, so it’s perfectly safe for a lever-action. It is also loaded with flash-suppressed powder, which will prevent a burst of light from blinding you while you’re hunting in the dark!
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Hornady
Ammo Caliber 30-30 Winchester
Manufacturer SKU 80809
Bullet Type Polymer Tipped
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1050
Muzzle Energy 428
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