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About This Winchester .30 Carbine Ammunition

Carrying around an 11 pound M1 Garand was about as much fun as it sounds. That’s why if your primary role during WWII was something like manning a machine gun or operating a radio, you may have carried an M1 carbine instead. At about half the weight it was far more convenient, and it was still capable of handling the opposition, so to speak.

The government isn’t handing out 30 Carbine ammunition anymore. There’s still mil-surp ammo floating around out there, but if you want to get your practice in you can just as well rely on Winchester’s newly manufactured range ammo. This American-made round sports a standard 110 grain full metal jacket bullet, which fires out of an M1 carbine’s 18” barrel at the standard 1,990 fps. It’s just like the real McGillicuddy!

Winchester’s brass is pure and strong, ready to dip in and out of a weapon’s chamber without snagging and perfect if handloading is your favorite trick. Winchester’s modern primer is non-corrosive, a welcome feature if you’re enjoying an antique firearm, and their propellant also burns especially clean!
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Winchester
Ammo Caliber .30 Carbine
Manufacturer SKU Q3132
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1990
Muzzle Energy 967
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