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This .30-06 Springfield ammunition from Remington propels a 150 grain soft point bullet to a muzzle velocity of 2,910 feet per second, producing excellent long-range accuracy for those challenging shots on elusive game.

Remington Core-Lokt bullets have been helping hunters bag deer and other critters for decades. Many "wonder bullets" have come and gone since then, but Core-Lokts remain popular due to the unerring reliability of the mechanically locked design that gives them their name. As soft point rounds, they are ideal for hunting as they produce expansion and quick kills without excess fragmentation.

This ammunition uses non-corrosive Boxer primers and brass cases. Each box contains 20 rounds.

Quantity 20
Manufacturer Remington
Ammo Caliber 30.06 Springfield
Manufacturer SKU R30062
Bullet Type Pointed Soft-Point (PSP)
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2910
Muzzle Energy 2820

Customer Reviews

  • My 10 point buck hated this ammo!

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    One shot all week and it was WELL worth the wait.
    Shooting 100 yards and grouping in a nickel in dis size on targets had me ready for deer season. I had only 1 shot this week but that's all I heeded. Shot my 10 point on the move with this ammo using a remington 700 30-06. I blew the heart into pieces. Half the animals heart was shredded however that's all it took. The meat was fine and in tact. The bullet did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do. It entered small and tore the heart apart exiting the other side. The deer dropped dead instantly. Most other ammo will not expand like this did in soft tissue when hitting a perfect heart shot at 100 yards (yes... I'm bragging!). This entered and expanded very nicely in the soft heart tissue dropping the 180 lb 10 point mountain buck instantly. I ONLY shoot this ammo when hunting with my 30-06. A+++++ on the ammo and of course, as always A++++++ on ammoman for the FAST delivery and great pricing. No other retailers can match their pricing. I'm a lifer for all ammo requirements. I ONLY use ammoman.com. Thumbs up on the 5 star service and pricing from this company!
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