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About This Hornady 308 / 7.62x51 Ammunition

Are you going to show off your marksmanship at an upcoming competition, or just curious to see exactly how well you can shoot on your own terms? In either event, Hornady delivers just what you need to excel in the form of this 308 Win cartridge from their Match line of ammunition.

This round features a 168 grain ELD Match projectile. Its name stands for “Extremely Low Drag,” a feat it accomplishes completely with its aerodynamic secant ogive profile as well as its ballistically efficient boat tail design. The ELD Match’s flat trajectory, heightened immunity to wind drift, and greater downrange velocity all lend themselves to thoroughly accurate shooting. This bullet further offers a nearly perfectly concentric AMP jacket, swaged lead core, and Heat Shield tip which will not deform when confronted with aerodynamic heating.

Hornady has engaged their characteristic commitment to pervasive quality control throughout this cartridge. Its select brass casing, carefully matched propellant, and sure-fire primer all come together nicely in order to provide the support that its perfectly seated tack driving projectile needs in order to shine.
Quantity 200
Manufacturer Hornady
Ammo Caliber 308 / 7.62x51
Manufacturer SKU 80966
Bullet Type ELD Match
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2700
Muzzle Energy 2719
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You're reviewing: 308 WIN HORNADY MATCH 168 GRAIN ELD MATCH (200 ROUNDS)
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