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About This Remington 357 Magnum Ammunition

This High Terminal Performance 357 Magnum cartridge by Remington is a great choice for your powerful everyday carry. It’s loaded with a 125 grain semi-jacketed hollow point projectile, so it penetrates like an FMJ and expands like an HP. The jacket features a wavy edge that facilitates consistent expansion along a preset axis. Expect good weight retention for deep penetration with this bullet -- you can hunt with it if you like!

This is a round that you can count on. Its brass shell casing is nickel plated, so it’s at once corrosion resistant and easier to slip in and out of a cylinder. The Kleanbore primer is intensely reliable, and this round’s is protected by weatherproof sealant to keep the elements from depriving you of making a potentially life-saving shot. Throw in a carefully loaded charge of clean burning propellant that will keep your revolver in peak operating condition, and you’ll be ready for most anything that life could throw your way! (Provided it’s the kind of problem which a revolver is capable of solving.)
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Remington
Ammo Caliber 357 Magnum
Manufacturer SKU RTP357M1
Bullet Type semi-jacketed hollow-Point (SJHP)
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1450
Muzzle Energy 583

Customer Reviews of this 357 MAGNUM REMINGTON HTP 125 GRAIN SJHP (500 ROUNDS)

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    As a kid my dad was a police officer and the department used this 357 ammo in the service revolvers. They used it as to not over penetrate but I always wondered with this stuff being so hot, how does it not over penetrate.
    Well as a science fair project for my son we shot (2) blocks of modeling clay. One was shot with a 38 special from Winchester and was defense ammo out of a 4" Ruger GP100 and the other block from the same gun but with this 357 round at about 10 yards.
    The 38 made a baseball sized hole in the 1x1x1 clay block with a void of about a baseball size hole internally and passed completely through. This 357 though opened up the clay with a hole large enough to stick my head in, and actually splattered red clay on my forehead with a very pronounced sting leaving redness when I pulled the clay away. The round did not pass through the other side but rather fractured out. This round would run anyone's day no matter where they got shot. This is the only defense round I would use in a 357.
    Review by Stephen. Posted on
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