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About This Remington 357 Magnum Ammunition

In our humble opinion, the 357 Magnum offers the perfect balance of massive takedown power and manageable recoil. Drop down to a 38 Special and you might run into trouble with a more tenacious threat; go up to a 44 Magnum, and you’ll be fighting your handgun almost as much as your opponent.

If you carry this inestimably versatile revolver for personal protection, Remington’s HTP ammo is certain to bring your rig to perfection. This round’s 158 grain bullet is going to hit a threat at close range with over 500 ft lbs of energy – insurmountable, as far as they’ll be concerned. The SJHP’s partial jacket prevents rapid barrel leading as well as fragmentation during penetration. Its nose cavity delivers expansion that is likely to double the bullet’s original 0.357” diameter. Can’t argue with results like that!

This ammo’s bullets are seated in fine virgin brass cases, straight and uniform and evenly rimmed to guarantee the smoothest possible performance. Kleanbore primers are mighty dependable, and also pose no threat of rust. Lever guns love HTP ammo too!
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Remington
Ammo Caliber 357 Magnum
Manufacturer SKU RTP357M2A
Bullet Type semi-jacketed hollow-Point (SJHP)
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1235
Muzzle Energy 535
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You're reviewing: 357 MAGNUM REMINGTON HTP 158 GRAIN SJHP (20 ROUNDS)
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