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About This Prvi Partizan 38 Super Ammunition

Manufactured in Uzice, Serbia, this .38 Super ammo from Prvi Partizan is a pleasant target load that lives up to the cartridge's reputation for flat-shooting ballistics. Perfect for any 1911 or other .38 Super pistol, it uses a 130 grain full metal jacket bullet, non-corrosive Boxer primers, and reloadable brass cases. This 500 round box, which contains 10 boxes of 50 rounds each, will keep you supplied over multiple range sessions at a reasonable price. Like most factory .38 Super target rounds, these cartridges generate comparable recoil to that of hot 9mm Luger loads, making for a very pleasant shooting experience in the heavy 1911 platform.

All .38 Super ammunition is designated +P to avoid confusion with the older .38 ACP cartridge, which shares the same external dimensions. Any firearm in good working order chambered for .38 Super will fire any .38 Super ammunition.
A hidden gem among pistol cartridges, the .38 Super can be described as the best way to get .357 Magnum ballistics out of a 1911. A modified high-pressure adaptation of the earlier .38 ACP, the .38 Super was first offered, along with 1911 pistols chambered for it, in 1929 as a high-velocity alternative to the .45 ACP, with which it shares the same case length. For several years after its introduction, the .38 Super was one of the few pistol rounds available that could penetrate auto doors, early body armor, and other light cover that defeated the high-caliber but relatively slow-moving .45 ACP. As such, it saw use with both law enforcement agents and criminals during the late Prohibition era. The similar-performing .357 Mag, introduced in 1934, captured much of the .38 Super's market share with police agencies due to law enforcement's then-overwhelming preference for revolvers. However, the .38 Super has enjoyed a comeback in recent decades thanks to several factors. Improvements in 1911 chamber design pioneered by Bar-Sto resolved early accuracy issues with the cartridge, making it accessible to operators demanding something better than "minute of gangster" precision. This made the cartridge ripe for adoption beginning in the 1980s by competition shooters seeking a round that would qualify for the IPSC "Major" power category without generating the .45 ACP's level of recoil. The .38 Super fit the bill perfectly, and soon became one of the dominant cartridges in IPSC matches. In addition, the .38 Super enjoys a niche following as a self-defense cartridge among 1911 owners thanks to the impressive ballistic potential of hotter .38 Super hollow point defense loads.
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
Ammo Caliber 38 Super
Manufacturer SKU PPH38SU
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1213
Muzzle Energy 425
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