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About This Sellier & Bellot .45 Automatic Ammunition

Sellier & Bellot’s products have the two biggest merits you can look for in the ammunition world: great affordability and high quality. That’s exactly why the Czech company has managed to stick around longer than any other ammunition manufacturer in the world. If you’re looking for a personal defense solution that will keep both your everyday carry and your wallet full, then you couldn’t do much better than this fine 45 ACP round.

This cartridge is capped with the 230 grain projectile that any 1911 owner should know and love, but its relatively faster 889 fps muzzle velocity lets it deliver a little more punch downrange. The bullet wears a hard copper alloy jacket, so it’ll have little challenge piercing an attacker’s heavy clothing that it may wreak havoc between their ribs. Not an uncontrolled havoc, mind you -- the notches radiating from the bullet’s hollow point nose cavity and down its jacket’s sides ensure that mushrooming occurs along a preset, predictable plane. Sellier & Bellot’s clean burning propellant and non-corrosive primer will keep your weapon in better shape as your fire it, and their sturdy brass casing promotes smooth cycling.
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Sellier & Bellot
Ammo Caliber .45 Automatic
Manufacturer SKU SB45C
Bullet Type JHP
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 889
Muzzle Energy 404

Customer Reviews of this 45 ACP SELLIER & BELLOT 230 GRAIN JHP (50 ROUNDS)

  • Good not great

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    ammo is good for hogs so it
    Should be good self-defense round
    Review by bill 2929. Posted on
  • Probably will not "meat" expectations

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    With its relatively slow speed this round will probably not expand into the flower petal look often portrayed with HP ammo. I have yet to test it on my "old pork" trial but in the past I have found that around 950FPS is the bottom end of the great expansion threshold. I am however a big fan of S&B ammo and recommended this round for my son in law to try. Sure beats the almost $80 a box for the ancient Hornady HP ammo being offered here but again the Hornady round travels significantly faster in its sorta +P configuration. At the current pricing points this might be a good round......again testing will tell the tale. Also if anything S&B understates the speed of its loadings and I have found S&B to generally be a fairly hot round..........just have to do the test next time I manage to freezer burn a pork shoulder or ham. The HST passed the test fairly well and Speer GDHP sure passed the test....just have to........make a test. At the price it might be worth a try or try to find a ballistic gel test or someone elses "old pork" testing method and judge for yourself. My son in law CAN testify to the accuracy of this round but he too hasnt done any expansion tests. Orders always arrive quickly and package really well
    Review by Pelosi Hater. Posted on
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