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About This Federal .45 Automatic Ammunition

All Federal Premium handgun loads offer consistent reliable expansion, optimal penetration on target, and nearly 100% bullet weight retention through most common barriers. The .45acp 230 grain HST load is no exception.

The HST projectile was first developed in 2002 to answer the government and LE agencies requests for Federal to come up with a round that had a larger frontal expansion diameter without sacrificing penetration. They also wanted to improve performance when firing through various common barriers. Realizing that a ‘bonded’ bullet uses a softer lead core that is more likely to deform and separate from the jacket when fired through barriers, Federal chose instead a mechanical process (cannelure) to prevent core/jacket separation. This process, using harder lead cores, also reduces bullet expansion problems due to deformation and reduced expansion diameters. Bullet expansion is also enhanced by skiving the tip of the HST, resulting in a rapid expansion on target. Typically, the HST bullet has an average of 95% to 100% weight retention when fired through common barriers, and expansion is typically 1.75 to 2 times the original diameter

The HST loads from Federal Premium feature low flash propellants to protect vision in low light situations, nickel plated casings to provide reliable feeding and corrosion resistance. The nickel plating also allows for more positive chamber checks in low light conditions. Because of increasing demands of performance ammo from the civilian market, Federal made the HST available for civilian purchase in 2013.

In short, Federal Premium HST round’s reliable ignition, optimum penetration, excellent expansion, and near 100% weight retention in barrier tests make the HST a top choice for duty and self defense ammunition. The Federal Premium HST.45acp round, producing 890fps and over 400 ft/lbs of muzzle energy make it a threat ending, potent load.
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .45 Automatic
Manufacturer SKU P45HST2
Bullet Type JHP
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 890
Muzzle Energy 404

Customer Reviews of this .45 ACP FEDERAL PREMIUM 230 GRAIN JHP HST (50 ROUNDS)

  • The best standard pressure .45ACP cartridge extant

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    I have seen several ballistic gel tests, and this round reliably penetrates and expands better than all other rounds besides the newest LE-only Winchester Ranger T's. Being able to obtain them in the 50rd boxes saves just a bit of money compared to most other vendors.
    Review by DavidT. Posted on
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