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About This Underwood 50 Action Express Ammunition

In The Matrix, Neo easily dodges (almost) every 50 Action Express bullet that comes out of Agent Smith’s Desert Eagle. It looks really cool, but we must issue a warning: don’t try that in real life.

We do recommend ordering yourself this premium American-made 50 AE ammo by Underwood, though. It is loaded with 300 grain full metal jacket projectiles, each of which can strike its target with more kinetic energy than any AR-15’s 5.56x45 bullet. The steel-free FMJ lacks the capacity for terminal expansion, but that’s a great advantage if you intend to use this ammo for defense against dangerous game. The bullet will penetrate extra deep, as well as keep its flat nose facing forward the whole time its tunneling.

Worried about bright muzzle flash blinding you while you’re firing at night or dusk? You can put that concern aside thanks to Underwood’s propellant, which is specially formulated to emit a dim muzzle flash. Smooth and sleek nickel-plated brass cases will help any semi-auto function more reliably, as well as safeguard the ammo against harmful corrosion.
Quantity 200
Manufacturer Underwood
Ammo Caliber 50 Action Express
Manufacturer SKU 509
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1580
Muzzle Energy 1663
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