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About This Black Hills Ammunition 6.5MM CREEDMOOR Ammunition

To give you one of the finest hunting loads on the market, Black Hills has loaded this Gold label 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge with a 120 grain GMX. It is Hornady’s most popular monolithic copper bullet, which means it’s compliant with certain laws that forbid lead bullets. The solid bar stock bullet is also uniformly dense, so it’s balanced to stick to a flat trajectory, and because copper is so resilient it withstands extreme hydraulic pressure to remain at least 95 percent intact until it comes to rest within its target’s vital area.

The GMX additionally features pressure relieving grooves and a sharp polymer tip, both of which contribute to its superior long-distance accuracy. When the low drag bullet arrives at its very unlucky target, its firm tip slides deep down inside its nose cavity to create continual expansion. The GMX consistently achieves expansion over 1.5 times its diameter, so expect a deadly 0.4” wide wound channel to drop your quarry dead on the spot!

Black Hills’ regular ammo is high quality indeed, but they outdo themselves whenever they load a Gold round. Every component in this ammo has been selected for superlative uniformity and performance, and assembled according to the tightest tolerances you’re likely to find in an American-made cartridge.
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Black Hills Ammunition
Ammo Caliber 6.5MM CREEDMOOR
Manufacturer SKU 1C6.5CREEDMOORBHGN3
Bullet Type GMX
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2900
Muzzle Energy 2241
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