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About This Prvi Partizan 6.5 Grendel Ammunition

If you or a loved one suffer from the condition known as “aintgotnosixpointfivegrendelitis,” then your pal Dr. Ammo Man has the one and only cure: a 21-pound unit of goodness made in Serbia by Dr. Prvi Partizan – with love!

This is Prvi Partizan’s lightest 6.5 Grendel load: 110 grains, which’ll give you a muzzle velocity of 2,756 fps out of a 24” barrel. At that pace, the 0.205 G7 BC bullet is due stay supersonic until around 910 yards. But even if your barrel is shorter, you’ll still appreciate how efficiently the full metal jacket boat tail conserves its velocity and momentum. No expansion will take place after impact, which is why we bill this as target ammo only.

Prvi Partizan loads steel-free 6.5 Grendel bullets. Fire this ammo at ranges which ban magnetic ammo – you’ll be just fine. Prvi Partizan also loads mint brass cases and noncorrosive Boxer primers, so the option to handload is all yours. And lest you ever forget, every Ammo Man order over $99 comes with free-as-sunshine shipping!
Quantity 500
Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
Ammo Caliber 6.5 Grendel
Manufacturer SKU PP6GF
Bullet Type FMJ-BT
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2756
Muzzle Energy 1855
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You're reviewing: 6.5 GRENDEL PRVI PARTIZAN 110 GRAIN FMJBT (500 ROUNDS)
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