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About This Belom 7.62 x 39 Ammunition

Owning an AK-47 doesn’t make you any less American. It only makes you more American, because it is a gun – the most American thing of all. So don’t try and hide your Soviet-designed rifle. Fire it loud and proud!

But you’re going to need a lot of good 7.62x39 ammo to do that. That’s why we have Belom in stock. This ammo right here is made in the nation of Serbia. It’s military-grade, and it’s perfect for target shooting, training exercises, and the great American pastime of casual backyard plinking.

Any shooter wants to know if a 7.62x39 cartridge will attract a magnet. Belom’s will not. The round’s 123 grain full metal jacket is steel-free, with a copper-zinc alloy jacket and a lead-antimony lead core. The bullet’s gilding metal shell means that it will not expand upon plunging into a soft medium at high velocity. That’s only to say it’s a poor choice for bagging deer and such, as it would be silly to suggest military-grade 7.62x39 is incapable of defensive applications.

This ammo is also exceptional because it sports brand new, never before fired brass cases. You’ll notice that the case’s neck is a little discolored, which is just evidence that Belom did their job right when they annealed the brass at the factory. Noncorrosive Boxer primers make this new production ammo reloadable, and sealant keeps its sensitive explosive components safer from moisture.
Quantity 20
Manufacturer Belom
Ammo Caliber 7.62 x 39
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2350
Muzzle Energy 1508
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