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About This Fiocchi 9mm Luger Ammunition

For a great self defense ammunition only intended to injure your assailant, this 9mm 100 grain frangible ammo by Fiocchi is your best bet!

The bullet in this frangible ammunition is made from compressed copper powder. Once it strikes something harder than itself, it crumbles into pieces. The ricochet the bullet produces is not large and powerful enough to hurt an innocent bystander. Your target, however, will still suffer enough damage to stop them in their tracks. Being lead free, this product is also a good one to take to the firing range for some practice.

With this order, 50 rounds of 9mm Fiocchi 100 grain frangible ammo will arrive at your door in brand new condition. They have Boxer primed brass casings and are reloadable.

The Fiocchi family began offering quality ammunition in 1876. So many years later, the company still remains family owned. Their proven reliability and consistency for delivering great products makes Fiocchi a big name in the ammunition industry.
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Fiocchi
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU 9SFNT
Bullet Type frangible
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1300

Customer Reviews of this 9MM LUGER FIOCCHI 100 GRAIN FRANGIBLE (50 ROUNDS)

  • Good for steel, but not a less lethal round

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    First let me say this round performs excellent for it's intended purpose of close in shooting of commercial grade steel plates (AR500 grade). There is always a risk of splash back of fragments when using standard lead bullets. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 30 feet. Frangible ammo allows you to get closer with reduced hazard. Shooting at steel also produces lead dust. This ammo is lead free and safer to use.
    That being said, stating this ammo is intended to injure an attacker is irresponsible. Most jurisdictions state that intentionally firing a gun at a person vehicle or building is force likely to cause death or great bodily harm. If you don't have the justification to kill, don't shoot. It would be very hard to convince a prosecutor judge and jury that you fired a copper bullet at 1300 fps at someone thinking it would only injure them???
    Even the special police beanbag and paintball rounds named less lethal have killed people.
    Review by Joseph. Posted on
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