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About This Hornady 9mm Luger Ammunition

Hornady doesn’t do anything unusual when they load American Gunner series ammunition. But that’s only to say it’s their typical outstanding work: premium components, expertly assembled in America, with proven results.

This 9mm +P cartridge features a high-tech jacketed hollow point of Hornady’s own design. The 124 grain eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) begins delivering great performance as soon as it chambers, as its jacketed nose cavity feeds with extreme reliability. The bullet’s evenly layered jacket and uniformly distributed swaged lead core then promote heightened rotational stability for superior accuracy.

The XTP’s jacketed rim doesn’t begin to deform until the bullet has already penetrated soft tissue. At that point the jacket’s multiple precision serrations kick into action to produce highly consistent terminal expansion. It all adds up to a vicious wound channel!

This new production, brass-cased and non-corrosive ammunition is overpressure. Its bullet achieves a higher muzzle velocity, exhibits a flatter trajectory and finally strikes its target harder thanks to its higher chamber pressure. Only firearms which are rated for +P should fire this ammo!
Quantity 250
Manufacturer Hornady
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU 90224
Bullet Type JHP
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1175
Muzzle Energy 380
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