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About This Prvi Partizan 9mm Luger Ammunition

Nine out of ten Americans suffer from the terrible affliction known to the medical community as Aintgotnoninemillimeterammoitis. If you or a loved one is suffering from this condition, then Dr. Ammo Man can prescribe the ultimate cure: this 9mm ammo by Prvi Partizan, which we will ship to your door so fast that when you receive it you will say “Wow that shipping was really fast. I am impressed!”

This is the fundamental 9mm ammo any shooter needs to make the best use of their range time. The 124 grain projectile is still light enough to achieve the supersonic muzzle velocity which precedes a flat and easy-to-aim trajectory, yet it doesn’t pound the shooter with heavy recoil. This FMJ doesn’t have the nose cavity it would need to deliver terminal expansion, but its affordable round nose profile does help a semi-auto feed with all due efficiency. Better yet, Prvi Partizan’s FMJ projectiles are totally nonmagnetic!

This ammo’s non-corrosive Boxer primers and factory fresh brass cases make it reloadable, and its low-fouling powder and hard jacketed bullets both do their part to keep a firearm clean and accurate. Stock up today – Prvi Partizan’s 9mm range ammo always flies out of our warehouse!
Quantity 50
Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU PPU-9M124
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 1132
Muzzle Energy 353

Customer Reviews of this 9MM PRVI PARTIZAN 124 GRAIN FMJ (50 ROUNDS)

  • Outstanding !

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    I bought a case of this a couple weeks ago to break in a new 9mm micro. Absolutely outstanding rounds. Not a single malfunction in 150 rounds, clean, accurate, brass case, FMJ bullet, perfect for rang use. I prefer 124gr bullets for the 9mm. They are not as snappy as the 115gr. These rounds " Do Have " primer sealant on them, so you will get a little red powder on the bolt face. It was no problem for me, its not enough to clog the firing pin hole, or cause problems due to gumming up anything. If you want to try some no nonsense 9mm rounds, these are for you. I would recommend these. I will get another case when they become available again.
    Review by James. Posted on
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