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About This Red Army Standard 9mm Luger Ammunition

This 9mm cartridge by Red Army Standard is an exceptional way to keep your budget trim without having to sacrifice quality or -- perish the thought -- shoot less. It owes its great value to its steel shell casing, which contains none of the expensive copper requisite for forging brass. This round is made for Red Army Standard by Tula in Russia, and features a special polymer treatment enables their steel casings to feed and extract without jamming in the process, and even combats rusting that can occur during storage.

This round’s 115 grain full metal jacket projectile makes it less than ideal for self-defense, but at the range it’s really going to shine. Your firearm will stay more accurate as the FMJ keeps lead off of its riflings where it doesn’t belong, and it will penetrate unconventional plinking targets satisfyingly. This cartridge’s non-corrosive Berdan primer will stay potent and ready to spark up at a moment’s notice for years after you’ve brought this case home.

Steel isn’t the only reason you’re getting an awesome deal when you order this case. Your friends at AmmoMan.com will also cover the costs of shipping and handling totally gratis!
Quantity 1000
Manufacturer Red Army Standard
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger
Manufacturer SKU AM3091
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type berdan

Customer Reviews of this 9MM RED ARMY STANDARD 115 GRAIN FMJ (1000 ROUNDS)

  • Ummmm.......this is actually Tula

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    When considering the purchase of Century Arms supplied Red Army Standard 9mm you must realize that is simply Tula in a different box that had to stumble through Century Arms at some point before reaching the end user. If Tula is less expensive and you trust Tula, get Tula. If RAS is less expensive and you trust Tula........get RAS.
    Though from the reviews here for Tula 9mm it appears to be a decent practice round, I have avoided Tula for issues I have had with inconsistent loadings in 7.62X39 as well as their .223 loadings. Hard to practice groupings with a rifle/carbine when you can actually hear the difference from one rounds report to another. Granted my experience with Tula that I purchased goes back some years but I still hear purchasers gripes about the Tula rifle loadings to this day......so it aint just me. Again, it appears that a lot of people have good results with Tula handgun loadings so one would tend to believe that consistent loading issues may not exist in at least Tula 9mm rounds. I havent purchased Tula 9mm ammo from Ammoman but I have ordered other ammo from them and they ALWAYS ship quickly and well, thus the 5 stars for arrival.
    Review by Josef Biden. Posted on
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