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About This Federal .380 Auto Ammunition

380 ACP Black Pack Rebate!

Grab this rebate form to get your $12.50 per box rebate on Federal Black Pack 380 Auto ammo. There is a 2 box minimum to qualify for the rebate and an 8 box limit ($100 total rebate) per household. Please note: Federal has a $100 maximum rebate limit no matter how you mix and match calibers.

Even though some consider the 380 ACP too underpowered for self-defense, few would argue that it’s not fun to shoot. Whether you prefer carrying your pocket pistol for your personal safety or just having fun with it at the range, you’ll still want affordable 380 ACP ammunition. Federal’s Black Pack has that all covered -- really covered, in fact, because this big, convenient box houses 200 rounds. That’s enough to load a PPK’s magazine 33 times!

This cartridge will treat any pistol right with its 95 grain FMJ projectile. That layer of copper prevents the lead core from leaving a part of itself behind in a pistol’s barrel, and eases the transition from mag to chamber. Federal is a big league manufacturer, part of the massive Vista Outdoor group and with nearly 100 years of experience. Their components are all sterling, from their reloadable brass shell casings to their sensitive Boxer primers to their propellant, which burns clean. If you’ve got a firearm that can chamber 380 ACP, you have every reason to order a Black Pack!
Quantity 200
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .380 Auto
Manufacturer SKU C38095BP200
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 945
Muzzle Energy 188
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