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About This Federal .45 Automatic Ammunition

Black Pack Is Back!

Grab this Federal rebate form to get your $12.50 per box rebate on Black Pack 45 ACP ammo. There is an 8 box or two 600 round case limit ($100 total rebate) per household. Please note: Federal has a $100 maximum rebate limit no matter how you mix and match calibers.

You’ve gone all out customizing your 1911 pistol: tritium night sights, gold plated screws, and grips carved out of wood salvaged from the wreck of Le Griffon. But uh oh! You didn’t leave yourself much money left for ammo. What to do? Three words: Federal’s Black Pack. This hefty box of 150 45 ACP cartridges lets you enjoy some of the Minnesotan authority’s very best, but without breaking the bank!

This cartridge is poised to meet all your expectations at the range. Its brass casing is machine drawn to exact tolerances, and stays supple over the course of repeated handloadings. Its Boxer primer’s responsive performance coupled with its consistent propellant charge delivers interchangeable results with every pull of the trigger. And its 230 grain projectile is balanced for straight flight and jacketed to keep lead off your riflings where it doesn’t belong. You’ll be all set to go to the range with just this one box of American-made ammo!
Quantity 150
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .45 Automatic
Manufacturer SKU C45230BP150
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 830
Muzzle Energy 352
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You're reviewing: 45 ACP FEDERAL BLACK PACK 230 GRAIN FMJ (150 ROUNDS)
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