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About This Federal .45 Automatic Ammunition

If you’re shopping for both training ammunition and self-defense ammunition, why not get both in the same box? That’s what makes this 45 ACP Combo Pack by Federal so awesome.

In this single box you’ll receive 100 training cartridges from the Minnesotan manufacturer’s tired-and-true American Eagle label, with reliable 230 grain FMJ projectiles that are optimal for blasting paper targets. You’ll also receive 20 HST cartridges, with 230 grain JHP bullets optimized for personal protection.

The HST’s bullet is enhanced to perform with flying colors on the FBI’s test protocol for self-defense. Shaped to feed like clockwork in a semi-automatic weapon, the HST bullet further features a jacket and core that stay firmly rooted together so that penetration of most barriers can’t scrape them apart from one another. The HST’s resultant ability to penetrate deeply is made all the more potent by its nose cavity, which avoids clogging up to deliver massive expansion. The HST’s deep, wide wound cavity is indisputably effective at neutralizing a threat extremely quickly.

Federal’s superlative manufacturing and quality assurance protocol have given these rounds consistent components, as well as identical 890 fps muzzle velocities. Because the training rounds perform exactly like the self-defense ones, practicing with them will teach you precisely how your weapon will behave when you truly need it.
Quantity 120
Manufacturer Federal
Ammo Caliber .45 Automatic
Manufacturer SKU PAE45230HST
Bullet Type FMJ
Primer Type boxer
Muzzle Velocity 890
Muzzle Energy 404
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You're reviewing: 45 ACP FEDERAL COMBO PACK 230 GRAIN FMJ & JHP (120 ROUNDS)
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